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Your Techstars Venture Capital Weekly Digest is here! (Issue #37)

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Venture Capital

Trends in venture capital, newly launched VC Funds, Spotlight on VC Diversity and insights from VC's about raising money and building startups.

THIS WEEK: Venture Deals 2020 course, VC Funding Report Q4 2019, The paradox of 2020 VC, Coronavirus & China, Saudi VC Fund hiring from Google, Initialized Capital hires Reddit’s HR boss as a new partner, Singapore Deep Tech startups, Philadelphia Venture Report, Canada 2019 VC Report and much more.
As usual, we also cover articles on Diversity, fundraising/building tips for startups and announcements of new Venture Capital Funds.
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Venture Deals Spring 2020 Course - Now Open for Registration! - Techstars
Newly Launched Venture Capital Funds
VC News
Venture Capital Funding Report Q4 2019
The paradox of 2020 VC is that the largest funds are doing the smallest rounds
Coronavirus deals latest blow to China's struggling VC landscape
Funds don't come easy for Singapore's deep-tech startups
Another record breaking year for Canadian VC as AI, FinTech, cybersecurity reach new heights
Spotlight on Diversity
Venture Funding For Female Founders with Amy Wu of Lightspeed Ventures
Building/Fundraising Tips for Entrepreneurs
How I Raised VC From Top-Tier Funds
The meeting that showed me the truth about VCs
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Sergio A. Escobar Sergio A. Escobar - Canadian🇨🇦 Seed/Series A Corporate & Family Office Venture Capitalist | Pre-Seed/Seed Accelerator MD | Investing across US/Canada/Israel | Twitter: @SergiusEscobar
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